SWA Zero1 Scotland
10th Year Anniversary

Pre-Show exclusive:
David Conrad vs Ryan Griffin

Two young guys who’ve only recently made their debut will take part in a ‘pre-show’ match for those who’ve paid for premium seating. It should be a good outing for the guys in front of what will be a small but appreciative crowd. Even though it is a pre-show match, the guys should be proud to feature on such a stacked card.

Mark Coffey vs Rampage Brown

After making his SWA debut at the Battlezone, Rampage Brown was on the end of not one, but two losses to Joe Coffey. Here, he will looks to exact some revenge on the younger Coffey brother, Mark. Now, Mark will certainly be as big of a challenge to Brown as his sibling was and I fully expect this to be another rambunctious, physical affair. Both men posses a mean streak which I expect to become prevalent in the match.

Jack Gallagher vs Solar

As a Jack Gallagher superfan, I was a bit underwhelmed to see this match announced after the previous shenanigans in Motherwell (Jack being on the end of a Dirty loss in a 3-way with Whiplash and Polo), but don’t think that I’m taking anything away from Solar. He is a fantastic competitor who has made great strides in the last 18 months, being an SWA Tag Team champion along the way. This is a battle that will divide the crowd as both are huge fan favourites, Motherwell being a hotspot for Gallagher and Solar being the masked high-flyer that he is. I fully expect this to be a non-stop back and forth encounter with some good laughs thrown in.

First Ever Woman’s Elimination Match
Bete Noire & Sami Jayne & Viper
Debbie Sharp & Courtney Stewart & Fiona Fraser

Now, half of the women in this match I haven’t seen in action, with Courtney recently making her debut in Govan at  the co-promotion with IPW:UK. However, the fact that it features Viper and Bete Noire, on the same team no less, makes it something that has to be seen. Having competed as She-X across multiple promotions they know each others games inside out, which will prove invaluable. I see the bigger and more physical team of Noire, Jayne and Viper dominating this encounter, although the team of Motherwell’s own Fiona Fraser, Courtney and Debbie will have the crowd on their side. Also, Courtney manged to sell me a raffle ticket once, and I never buy raffle tickets. Valuable info right there.

Kenny Williams vs Lewis Girvan

What we have here is a match that is only a couple of years away from being a main event anywhere in the country.  I’ll get to Girvan shortly but I’ll start with Williams, who I’ve yet to see compete in the flesh. I have, however, saw plenty of him over in ICW where he has been under the tutelage of James R Kennedy for some time now. Having recently competed in high profile matches with the likes of Lionheart (Get well soon) Williams has firmly signaled his arrival in Scottish wrestling. Now Girvan, who I’ve had the pleasure of see wrestle countless times now, is a different entity. As much as Williams has a better ‘look’ Girvan is a class-act in the squared circle. His ability belies his age with the technical skill of someone much older than his 19 years. He possesses everything that a wrestler would want in his arsenal and puts it all to good affect. This is another match that I expect to be back and forth from the get-go and an exhibition of wrestling skill that will leave everyone wanting more.

8 man Elimination Match
Grado & D.C.T &  Tornado & Celtic Arrow
Eric Canyon & Dickie Divers & Adam Carrell & Christopher Saynt

I’ll start with the obvious here, The International Sex Hero. Never before has anyone witnessed such a swift change in career as we have with D.C.T, formerly the last bastion of Journalistic Integrity, the man with the mustachioed upper lip has returned to save us all, in the sexiest way possible. On a more serious note, his (former?) tag partner ‘The Muay Thai Guy’ Adam Carrell requested to be on separate teams from D.C.T, so that’s a bit of tension that we can look forward to. Alongside D.C.T and Grado (who?) are Tornado and Celtic Arrow, a pair of masked marauders who have looked very impressive on previous outings and will certainly have the crowd on their side.

Facing them are, former SWA Champion Eric Canyon, New Age Kilq member Dickie Divers, Adam Carrell and Christopher Saynt. Canyon is an experienced grizzly veteran at this stage and will be looking to use every trick in the book to secure a shot at the Heavyweight Championship and an unprecedented 4th reign. Dickie Divers was formerly a big fan favourite, but his alliance with Renfrew and BT Gunn has soured his relationship with fans. Adam Carrell is someone that I’ve not seen much of, but I fully expect him to kick D.C.T right in the face. Then we have Christopher Saynt, who is a very interesting case. At some point in the last few months he has went from an ‘all smiles’ good guy to a ‘the worlds against me’ bad guy. I don’t really know the reasoning or explanation of this, but the guy is mega talented. At this point I’d like to take a little break to ask that you watch this video which is pretty important.

All in all, I expect this to be a fantastic match with some good team psychology on the go. I feel like I’m forgetting something though… Oh aye, GRADO! If you’ve heard anything about Scottish Wrestling, I’m sure you’ve heard of Grado. The guy is a brilliant comedic wrestler. The guy just gets it. This will be my first time seeing him since my first Scottish Wrestling event 18 months ago, and to say I’m excited, is a huge understatement.

SWA Tag Team Championship
The Forgotten vs ???

After a good bit of a whinge about being passed over and forgotten about, Glen Dunbar and Alex Kavanagh decided to join forces to pursue the Tag Team Championship, after a short chase, they finally dethroned the Masked Avengers. With the help of their deranged sidekick, Jam O’Malley, they’ve held the titles with no one coming close to changing that. I could speculate as to who will challenge them but personally I’d love to see multi-time SWA Tag Team Champions, Britains Most Wanted. If only because I want to see Big Damo on the end of a great crowd reception.

Laird of the Ring Championship
Jackie Polo vs Joe Hendry

The King of Chat vs The Local Hero
Scotland’s Best Wrestler vs Scotland’s Latest Singing Sensation

I’ll be fair, I made that last bit up. Your need some more catchphrases Joe. Anyway, this is a match with a good bit of a build towards it. At last years Battlezone, Joe Hendry was a man who sang in a band. A band whom Jackie Polo decided to interrupt and subsequently, kick squarely in the mid-section. This happened as Polo entered the Battlezone match, a match in which Joe Hendry made his debut and proceeded to lump Polo over the top and eliminate him from the match. Since then, both men and continued to be masters of the microphone with Joe Hendry proclaiming himself to be out Local Hero. Now, with the Laird title on the line, these men of equal stature will look to use their pure wrestling ability and more than a fair bit of cunning to emerge as the Laird of the Ring.

Cage Match for the SWA Zero1 Heavyweight Championship
with Special Referee John ‘The Bomb’ Graham
Mikey Whiplash vs Joe Coffey

Mikey Whiplash has held the Scottish Heavyweight Championship for (at the time of writing) 666 days. As ominous and looming as that figure is, it’s nothing in comparison to the shadow cast on him by Joe Coffey. For almost a year now, Joe has been there in the background, biding his time, waiting for his shot. Now, that time has come. Having used every dirty trick in the book, Whiplash looks to have ran out of pages. No one is doubting that Whiplash is a spectacular example of what a British Wrestler can be, but that just may not be enough to retain his title in this match, a match that’s been designed to give Whiplash no choice but to defend his title honestly. After several dirty title defenses, SWA owner John Graham has had no choice but to put himself in the middle to ensure that Whiplash can’t sneak his way out again.

The other side to this is that everyone would love to see Joe Coffey with the Heavyweight Championship round his waist. Joe has gone from strength to strength for years now, becoming the finest export of the Source Wrestling School. Having gone to wrestle in Japan and all over the UK, Joe is quickly becoming the fighting pride of Scotland. Joe also has a darkside of his own which tends to creep through in his shouts of ‘No Mercy!’ and that may just be what he needs as he steps inside the STEEL CAGE to meet Mikey Whiplash. I don’t expect this to be pretty, but I do expect to be in awe at what a spectacle this has been built to be.

Everyone who can, should make sure they attend this event. I think I can easily say this will be the finest wrestling event I’ve had the pleasure of attending yet. The card is stacked and the talent is truly fantastic, so if you can, come along.

Clan Wars will be held at Motherwell Concert Hall
Sunday April 5th 7:00pm
Tickets from £12 available at http://skdl.it/15Dw4xf