Just a short thought on The Wyatt Family and to a bigger extent, the Future of the WWE.

The Rule

The talent in the WWE developmental system are being brought in at a young age and being taught the ‘WWE Style’ from the get-go. Yes, this stops any flaws from creeping in but It will only lead to the in-ring style of wrestling that we see becoming very bland and too formulaic. As long as they continue to sign people with a decent amount of outside experience, that will take care of itself.

What I’d rather focus on is the characters. The only way that the audience can invest in a character is if the talent is invested in the character themselves. The Wyatt Family are a good example of that, as are The Ascension, O’Brian and Victor.  Thankfully, by putting a focus in the development of the talent into creating their characters I can only see this becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on.

No Exceptions

Tyler Breeze, who made his tv debut this week is another who seems to fit the mold. That’s even more of a surprise since it’s only been a 4 week turnaround between this and being the redneck Mike Dalton. Others like Fandango, Sandow and Ambrose show that the proper investment into your character leads to the ability to connect with the audience and the opportunity for them to also invest.