I’ll be going into a bit more depth than just the matches, because honestly, they’re mostly very straightforward.



Wade Barrett (c) vs. The Miz (Intercontinental championship)

This is pretty straight forward, Barrett dominates from the start, Miz will do some damage to Barrett’s legs and have his comeback but Barrett will get out of the Figure 4 and retain by hitting the Bull Hammer out of nowhere. I’d have them do a spot where Miz goes for the SKF but Barrett ducks and hits his finish.

Barrett retains via pinfall

I’d try to build Barrett back up from here and give the IC title some meaning. Barrett deserves better.

The Main Show


Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show vs. The Shield

I’d open the show with this, Randy Orton should be the #2 guy in the company, but his personal issues prevent this. Opening with Randy Orton being the first superstar of the evening will get the crowd into it, even though Randy won’t be. I wouldn’t have Randy turn, like has been suggested, I’d rather he did that at Summerslam at the peak of a face feud with Sheamus. The Shield to win through the pure brilliance of their teamwork and possibly Big Show reverting to full on heel and turning his back on his allies. Talking of The Shield, I’d have Ambrose get the pin here, it does seem that they’re favouring Rollins though. The other guys have had their chances to shine, Reigns having the big powerbomb and Rollins getting the singles match on tv. Give Ambrose his spotlight here and watch him shine.

The Shield via pinfall

Coming out of this I’d go for a Face/Face feud between Orton and Sheamus leading to the Orton Heel turn. The Shield would be involved in something much bigger.


– Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Now, everyone’s gonna be hyped from an awesome match beforehand, but dismayed at the lack of an Orton heel turn, so this is gonna have to be good. Unlike a lot of people I have faith in Ryback’s wrestling ability, I believe that he can go for ten minutes and look good without the help of a top worker who compliments his style. I believe this will have the third loudest crowd of the night, purely off of the back of ‘Feed Me More‘ and Ryback hitting Shellshocked on Henry. Nothing needs to be said about Henry, he’s the best heel WWE have and he has his ring craft down to an art these days. Ryback will kick out of a World’s Strongest Slam and after hulking up into a frenzy of power moves hit the Meathook  before wowing everyone with the Shellshocked for the win, Feed Me More

Ryback via pinfall

Post-Mania, Henry should have a couple of weeks off before returning. I can see them turning his awesome smile into part of his gimmick, he wouldn’t have to turn face but he could add a very demonic and creepy side to himself. Out of this Ryback should be heading for the top, the WWE Championship.


– Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Championship)

After the big hoss fight, it would be good to bring things back to some pure wrestling and one of the better storylines leading into this event. I expect both guys to have some over the top entrances but I fear that both guys will get a muted reaction from the crowd, barring Ricardo’s outstanding introduction of Del Rio. I think this could be one of the matches of the night as they are 2 of the ‘purebreed’ guys. It’ll be a showcase of some fine technical matwork with the odd bit of interference. I expect it to become a submission battle with Alberto finally submitting to the Patriot Act.

Swagger by submission…

Then… You know the script here.
Ziggler’s music hits and he makes his way down that very long ramp. However, Big E comes through the crowd and attacks Swagger from behind, hitting the Big Ending and leaving him out cold, giving Ziggler the easy cash-in and victory.

Your new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler


– Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred with Triple H’s career on the line)

The first of the main events. This will be a vicious affair with some bloodshed the hardway. Firstly, I don’t think for a second that Trips will not be involved in Mania XXX, so does that mean that he won’t be retired here? I’m not so sure. I don’t see what the point would be in having Lesnar lose here after his new contract through to Mania 31. Trips doesn’t need his win back, and barring interference, I don’t think anyone believes that he could take Lesnar in a no holds barred fight, even with HBK in his corner. A win for Lesnar should see him on a quest to win the WWE Championship and The COO can retire to a management role and hopefully have him as permanent GM on Raw. If he truly want’s to run the show, he doesn’t need be as active as he has been. The Lesnar feud has been different from the previous with Undertaker, but that shouldn’t make his appearance at big events a recurring thing.

Lesnar via submission

Lesnar should make his intentions that he wants the WWE Championship very clear on the following Raw, but I wouldn’t expect that match until Summerslam at the earliest. Triple H to be running Raw.


– Team Hell No (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston (WWE Tag Team Championship)

Dolph gets to enter with his big shiny belt and his buddy who helped him win it. That may be enough for most people to have stolen the show, but not Mr. Ziggler. That’s right, Team Hell No should lose the tag titles. 2 main logical reasons behind this. Team Hell No has run it’s course, D-Bry is over. He elicits a huge crowd reaction and has a massively popular catchphrase, time to make some bank from that popularity. Anyway, back to the match. I don’t think it will get much time so it’ll be pretty formulaic. Kane will get the hot tag and take out Ziggler, Big E storms in and battles with Kane, We have all 4 men in the ring and Big E dominates, Ziggler picking up the pinfall. I expect AJ to be involved early on but then sent to the back, as so often happens, so no real distraction there. She really should be in a match for the Divas Championship anyway. Dolph get’s 2 titles and properly steals the show.

Your New WWE Tag Team Champions Big E and Ziggy by pinfall

The Team Hell No implosion won’t take place until the following Raw or even Extreme Rules, but it should follow rather rapidly. Bryan can move up the card and Kane can engage in a feud to help get some younger talent over, speaking of which…


– Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

My hand picked favourite for the night. Fandango’s build has been fantastic, the guy just has ‘it’ and that will show through here. They will have a great back and forth encounter before Fandango gets the upperhand through his stiff and vicious offense before going up top for his Leg Drop finish. Jericho will put on the single best performance of the night here, it’s a certainty.

Fandango via pinfall

Fandango should then go through the midcard feuding with someone like Kofi Kingston, since no one else in the midcard gets any sort of a pop from the crowd. Jericho will only be there for a couple more Raw’s so maybe have some more matches with Fandango before returning at some point and putting someone else over. Personally, I’d give him a title while doing so.


– Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Not much really has to be said here, it’ll be a classic, a bona-fide 5 star match. I’m not sure how I’d have this go. Heyman and Punk are such a great combination, but I’d want Punk to turn face here, stop goading Taker into a DQ and fight him like a man. Ultimately earning his respect. That is unless they’re going to continue the feud to Extreme Rules. Regardless though…

Undertaker via submission

The reports are that Punk will be taking some time off, but that Taker will be appearing at a taping in London a couple of weeks before Extreme Rules. If that’s the case, I’d still have Punk continue to be the disrespectful Heel with Taker winning at Mania but still wanting to avenge Bearer and beat more respect into Punk, leading to a Stipulation match at ER. If it was anyone else, Punk would take the win at Mania in this case.


– Tons of Funk & Funkadactyls vs. Rhodes Scholars & Bella Twins

I hope this ends up being shifted to the pre-show, purely because no one has any interest in the story. Also, this is usually the slot where a meaningless match goes, it gives people a nice bathroom break. That’s why I hope they don’t slot Fandango’s debut in here instead. Anyway, I don’t actually expect the usual terrible match. I reckon that they’ll give Naomi a bit of a spotlight to show what she can do. She can actually wrestle and the Diva’s Division need all the talent they can get. Brodus and Tensai to do the big man double act and get the pin on Rhodes.

Tons of Funk by pinfall

On a side note, I’m sure that the poll on WWE.COM a while back had ‘Monsters of Funk’ winning. That would have been a much better name.


– The Rock (c) vs. John Cena (WWE championship)

The main event, the real spectacle of Wrestlemania. This is where my booking idea of Mania and the following year spawns. Yes, it’s a Cena heel turn, but it’s a little more than just that. Let me explain;

Last year, They wanted Cena to embrace the hate, Instead he decided to rise above it. That’s what the good guy does. That’s what John Cena does. The only problem is, that’s not how John Cena feels. That’s not who he really is. John Cena has become a brand, became a symbol of what’s good, wholesome and pure. That’s not the Real John Cena. The real Cena is a guy who will do whatever it takes to win, to get to the top.

For 8 long years, that John Cena hasn’t existed, because he’s been at the top regardless of Championship status. Recently though, that’s not been the case and he’s not really been on top since last year. The Rock is the man standing in his way, and if they booked it properly so would Brock Lesnar be but shh. So, Cena will do anything to beat The Rock, win the WWE Championship and be the Number 1 Man in the company again.

Your new WWE Champion John Cena by pinfall

Subsequently, It’s revealed that John Cena is the guy who brought The Shield together to stop anyone from taking his spot. That’s why they’ve targeted people, to stop them getting to the top. They crossed paths with Cena, but only to avert any suspicion, they never directly stopped him from winning the WWE Championship. They can even incorporate things such as Cena letting them use his gym when down in NXT and that he met them there and hatched his plan. It would give a whole new spin on things and do away with this terrible notion that The Shield, Cm Punk, Lesnar and Heyman are all together in some way, because frankly, that’s just boring.

Coming out of this, a rematch at Extreme Rules where Cena retains and subsequently feuds with Ryback.